Fall 12 RIAS

Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the Fall 12 RIAS tournament for the age group.
U19 Boys/Coed 30 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A0 Atlanta Fire United Arsenal - B19 Lawrenceville 0Y110-01RB19-2354   Emilio Hood
 A1 Atlanta Fire United Bulldogs - B19 Lawrenceville 0Y110-01RB19-2356   Tomasz Laszczkowski
 A2 Bluesprings U19B - Stanborough Snellville 0Y119-01RB19-0553   Mike Stanborough
 A3 Columbus United Columbus 0Y154-01RB19-0704   Steve Phillips
 A4 DSC BU19 - Hannaburg Lawrenceville 0Y158-01RB19-0079   Thomas Hannaburg
 A5 DSC BU19 - Miller Dacula 0Y158-01RB19-0080   Mark Miller
 A6 Ec Ymca - B19 Bruton Marietta 0Y152-05RB19-1461   Bill Bruton
 A7 FCYSL Rec - B19 Fusion Fayetteville 0Y163-01RB19-2988   Don Sherry
 A8 Georgia FC U19 Boys Aragon Lawrenceville 0Y167-01RB19-1033   Juan Aragon
 A9 Georgia FC U19 Boys Hernandez Lawrenceville 0Y167-01RB19-1011   Gabriel Hernandez
 A10 GSA Rudolph Lilburn 0Y174-02RB19-1652   Nate Rudolph
 A11 GSA Solano Lilburn 0Y174-02RB19-1663   Ivan Solano
 A12 HCSA Strikers McDonough 0Y179-01RB19-2533   Barry Kable
 A13 Jackson FC Jackson 0Y219-01RB19-0051   Chris Thurston
 A14 JP Capital & Insurance Jackson 0Y219-01RB19-0050   Ryan McLendon
 A15 Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) - B1 Madison 0Y241-01RB19-0036   Heyward Woodward
 A16 Mountain United S.A. - B19 Blairsville 0Y196-01RB19-1901   Timothy Eigel
 A17 Mtn City U19 B Red Bulls Jasper 0Y254-01RB19-0070   Steve Biles
 A18 NASA Wings MNP Mariett 0Y198-01RB19-1422   Skip Morrison
 A19 PTC Everton Peachtree City 0Y204-03RB19-6753   Tim Rorick
 A20 Roswell Lyon - B19 Roswell 0Y210-01RB19-1210   Allen Bradley
 A21 RYSA Rec 19B - Long Conyers 0Y208-02RB19-0592   Shelley Long
 A22 Sacred Heart Storm Bonaire 0Y211-01RB19-0090   Bruce Applewhite
 A23 SDY JAGUARS Decatur 0Y216-01RB19-0013   Andre Deas
 A24 Smyrna Panthers Smyrna 0Y213-01RB19-0260   Robert Eaton
 A25 TYSA Rec - 19B Basnet Tucker 0Y132-18RB19-1977   Khare Basnet
 A26 United FA Galaxy Cumming 0Y111-0DRB19-6133   Jp Jones
 A27 United FA Jaguars Cumming 0Y111-0DRB19-6131   Brian Skoglind
 A28 Walton County United Monroe 0Y126-01RB19-0014   Hector Valdovinos
 A29 Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Club- B19 Stone Mountain 0Y159-01RB19-0411   Frank Harrington

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